Market leader for over twenty years in the selection and recovery of PTFE and fluorinated polymers secondary raw materials, and for the range of micro fluor products. 

We are a global player developing new grades of products with customers and suppliers all over the world, sharing the challenges of the green economy and creating value for the future. 

We do not use solvents or substances that are harmful for the environment in the production process, but exclusively water and detergent and the latest available technology in washing, selection, and milling. 

We are equipped with advanced water filtration and air cleaning systems integrated in our 4.0 manufacturing management system. 

Our product control procedure allows us to supply material that can be used in free pass directly in our customers’ production processes. 


Producing quality raw materials with innovative processes which have low environmental impact and reduced use of energy, contributing to fluorinated polymers circular economy.


  • Consolidating our leadership in the fluorinated polymers market;
  • Guaranteeing balanced and continuous company growth, guided by key values such as safety, quality, ethics and sustainability;
  • Analysing and anticipating market trends in order to provide our customers with ever-performing solutions;
  • Ensuring continuous and high level quality thanks to efficient and reliable industrial processes that contribute to safeguarding the planet.


Fluormetall is listed in the Register of Environmental Operators in line with current legislation, and holds the necessary authorizations for transportation and storage. The company applies a stringent policy with regard to being up-to-date with applicable legislation, supported by a leading firm specialized in environmental law.

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