Fluormetall, world leader in the collection of PTFE scraps, continuously seeks new sources of supply in the market. Usually the scraps evaluation system follows the division criteria listed herebelow: 

PTFE scraps from paste (emulsion) 

Devono essere suddivisi tra Scraps must be divided between sintered and non-sintered.

Virgin PTFE scraps

Mustn’t contain: filled or pigmented PFTE, scraps of other plastic materials, metallic contamination, cemented material. Mustn’t be mixed with modified PTFE scraps and shouldn’t be packaged in containers that are dirty and/or contaminated by: oils, pigments, greases and lubricants. 

Dirty powders 

Mustn’t contain anything else but virgin PTFE. 

ptfe scraps

Respecting the separation criteria will ensure the lowest market price.

Fluormetall personnel is available to evaluate your scraps. We are also interested in fluorinated technopolymers scraps such as: PEEK, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific requirement or information.

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Care for the environment

Recovering scraps coupled with respecting the environment fully identify what we want for the future: contributing to circular economy respecting the environment and redirecting production scraps from disposal.

We are provided with advanced facilities for the disposal of smoke and particulates. The first chemical-physical unit for process water purification was installed in 2019.